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Calling all Equine Businesses and more! Vermont Horse Council wants to support all equine businesses around the state, and it starts with you joining as a business member. We are here to support equine business in all disciplines and trades. Farriers, vets, leather workers, barn owners, trainers, body workers, feed stores, hay makers, equipment makers, other tradesmen, photographers, and more! We want you to join so we can be your voice in the ways that matter. We know you don’t have time to be sitting at the state house pushing a bill to reduce taxes or learning about ACT 250 if that affects your business. We also know it takes a lot of time to do outreach to gain new clients. As a state organization, we are here to help you with the issues you face daily and sometimes we can help you overcome those challenges or point you to resources you may not know about. 

Through partnering with Vermont Farm Bureau we are able to get some of our challenges as a community heard more frequently, and that will go directly to the state house. If you are needing to gain more business, we can help you advertise on our website and social media to help you gain exposure to a larger audience. We are also a resource for you to see who else is operating different businesses around the state.

Currently we have many businesses who are members and partners in different capacities. These businesses know that by supporting us they are supporting the community that helps them thrive! Take a look at our list to see who looks familiar and who doesn’t. This list is a starting place for many people to see what the community is like. And this is just a fraction of the businesses in the state!

Not specifically an equine business but your business has equine businesses as clients? We want your support too! I’m talking construction and carpentry, insurance, CPA and tax accounting, website designers, Hardware and Lumber stores, Real Estate, surveyors, local banks and loan suppliers, car dealerships, and many more! Your business may not be all about equines, but many provide much needed support for these businesses to run. So why not get your name out there to help this large community!