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Volunteer with the Vermont Horse Council

Volunteering is a crucial part of what makes Vermont Horse Council successful.  With your help, we can do the many things we are currently doing and add on more tasks as we get more help. Our board is made up of volunteers, our committees are volunteer-run, and all of the events we host are organized by volunteers. I hear from people all the time, “VHC should get involved with …” or “VHC should be in charge of doing …”. While we absolutely appreciate all the interest people show in the different issues around the state, the reality is we need the manpower to do the many things suggested to us. So let’s turn that interest into action! Volunteer today to help!

We all understand that time is a hard thing for people to give up in these busy times. But, any time you are willing to donate as a member allows VHC to continue the work we do all year. Trail maintenance, trail mapping, working to expand trail access, hosting rides, hosting clinics, being present at fairs and events, working with Vermont Farm Bureau, doing farm visits, creating and updating safety PSA’s, working with 4H, and lots more; all of these things are done by volunteers on our board and other active members! If there is something you are passionate about we would love for you to volunteer time to help get that thing done!  

What’s the best way to volunteer? Honestly, whatever time you have we will gladly accept!  We are always on the lookout for new board members, what organization isn’t these days! But, if you have time and passion please reach out as a board member or being part of a committee might be the thing you are looking for in your spare time. Only have limited days to commit? Reach out and see what we need help doing! Have a project you think would be great and just need some extra help and resources to get it done? We might be able to help you with that!