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Your Donation Counts

General Fund

A fully volunteer group of individuals have helped to channel Vermont equine owners’ and enthusiasts’ wishes into reality since 1975. We act as a resource to many individuals both in-state and out-of-state. We count on your donations and membership to fund the administration of the organization. Thank you for helping us to continue our important work.

Trail Maintenance Fund

By far the most requested assistance is for information on trail riding opportunities within the state. Through our Cooperative Agreement with Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, we help maintain trails within the Vermont State parks and on the 350,000+ acres of forest land. VHC is the conduit organization for improvement and expansion of trails systems to accommodate equine use. Some of the funding for these trail systems come from your tax dollars, but the vast majority of projects must wait for money to make them a reality. Non-state-owned trail maintenance and improvement is solely funded by donation dollars. Please help us to keep equine trails safe and open for your continued pleasure by donating today.

Horse Health & Wellness Fund

Whether you would like to sponsor an educational event to improve knowledge about horse health and wellness or you would like to help a fellow equine owner in crisis; your donation to this fund can help that wish become reality. Please consider a donation today.