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VTFB’s mission is “To Serve and Advance Vermont Agriculture”.  One of the ways this is accomplished is by having a legislative director.  This person attends sessions and hearings in order to follow bills that are introduced which affect agriculture.

Becoming a member of the VT Farm Bureau is a way to support agriculture in Vermont. If you have horses and other farm animals you could be subject to the Required Agricultural Practices (RAPs) which were enacted to protect the environment from agricultural related pollution to surface waters. This information is available on the agency’s website which is A very informative presentation about the subject was given at the VHC Annual Meeting and handouts with details were provided. If you missed this important discussion you may call 802-828-2431 and ask for the information to be sent to you.

The Farm Bureau has a legislative director, Jackie Folsom, who attends hearings and committee meetings which are of interest to the agricultural community. You may contact her at The legislative issues for 2020 which will be followed closely are: the Use Value Appraisal System: known as the “Current Use” policy. VTFB strongly supports this program and opposes any substantial adjustments.

Act 250: VTFB supports exempting agriculture from Act 250 as being fundamentally in the public interest. Definition of agriculture for wetlands: VTFB supports an expanded definition to include roads, feed areas, water quality improvements, and farm structures. 2 + 2/ Farm: VTFB supports continued financial support for this educational program.

If you would like information about joining VT Farm Bureau or have questions about any of the above please contact Bev McMullin,, or the Farm Bureau office, 802-434-5646, or Help us protect and serve Vermont agriculture!

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