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The VHC presents a Rids & Drive Program that is fun for everyone on any horse. There are no breed or rider/handler age limitations for enrollments, and it’s noncompetitive.

You only need to maintain an individual membership in the Vermont Horse Council, and pay a one-time enrollment fee for you and your equine. Then keep a log (download the form below) on the honor system, of the hours you spend in hand, in the saddle or buggy.

It may be on a competitive ride or drive, at a horse show, or just in your own backyard, on your favorite trails and roads. All schooling, competing and pleasure riding/driving/in hand time count toward your awards (but not brushing, clipping, etc.). You must actually be riding,driving or enriching your horse in hand. You progress at your own pace, no matter how little you do, you can accrue hours.

When you enroll, a special VHC Ride & Drive patch will be sent to you, along with log sheets to get you started. You are responsible for maintaining your log sheets in an accurate, legible and up-to-date manner. When you reach an award level or fill a sheet, you send the sheet to the program chairman, listed below. You will be sent your award with more log sheets.

Award levels are at 50, 100, 150, 200, 350, 500, 750 and 1,000 hours. Special awards are given at 500, 1,000 and 2,000 hour levels (like t-shirts and insulated mugs), but at every level, you will receive another bar to sew under your patch.

If you are riding/driving more than one horse, you must sign up separately for each one. An enrollment fee is paid for each horse and rider combination, but this enrollment is good for life, as long as you keep your individual VHC membership current. See you on the trails.

Join the Ride & Drive Program:

  • $20.00: Adult

  • $15.00: Junior (17 and under)

You may enroll online on this page, or by mail by downloading and filling out the form below.