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St. Albans, Swanton, Sheldon, Enosburg Falls, Enosburg, E. Berkshire, & Richford, Vermont

The Missisquoi Valley Rail Trail (MVRT) runs for 26.4 miles from St. Albans to Richford, in northern Vermont. All non-motorized transport is allowed, as well as motorized wheelchairs and snowmobiles in the winter. The trail is 10 feet wide with a surface of crushed limestone, and winds along the Missisquoi River through beautiful farmland. There is a 1/3 mile paved section in the town of Enosburg.

Click here for the MVRT website, and click here to download information and an official map of the trail.

Important information for equestrians:

  • There is no dedicated horse trailer parking. The parking areas indicated on the official MVRT do not all accommodate trailers. See the interactive map below for areas where you can park a trailer, and click on each “P” to get more information; you can zoom in to see a satellite image of the parking area. Great thanks go to equestrian Rachel Martel for providing this information.

  • Remove all manure from parking areas.

  • You will be sharing the trail with hikers, runners, and bicyclists, some of whom have dogs with them; keep this in mind if you have a nervous horse or you are a nervous rider.

  • You are expected to kick manure off the gravel part of the trail to keep it clear for other users.

  • There are some large bridges over rivers on the trail; keep this in mind if your horse does not like bridges.

  • You might consider checking out the trail on foot or bicycle before riding there if you want to be sure it’s appropriate for you and your horse.

  • The LVRT website does not mention driving, but given that all forms of non-motorized transport are allowed, a small horse-drawn cart or carriage should be allowed.

  • If you have questions about riding on this trail or any helpful information to be added to this site, please email