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Is there a person in our industry that has contributed greatly to Vermont agriculture?  Please consider them for submission to this respected award.

Representing the equine industry James Harvey (pictured here) received this award. James passed away at the age of 93 this past December. In 2015, Jim was elected to the Vermont Agricultural Hall of Fame for his contributions to Standardbred Harness Racing in Vermont. He began raising and developing harness horses in 1968. Jim has trained many horses with winning records in a variety of venues including in the Quebec Sire Stakes at the Hippodrome de Montreal and in the New York Sires Stakes. His proudest achievement was raising and training two winners of the Saratoga Horse of Year. One of them, Kelly’s Noah, was inducted into the Saratoga Harness Hall of Fame while he was still actively racing – an unusual honor.
Jim was a true Vermonter from the old school. A good neighbor who would always lend a hand, and a good man respected by everyone who knew him.